What Our Clients Are Saying

Great customer service and knowledge.

-Adel Abdelhamid

Trouble shooter problem solver calm with a smile he is a man you can trust and you can lean on him he is a friend for life

-Khaled Elmosallamy

I do my taxes every year with US Taxes and Sharief does a very good job and he always get me the max back for my money very professional and helpful

-Maza D.

Mr Sharif Dwidar is the most professional accountant I have known, I have known him for over 12 years and I follow him wherever he goes but now since he has his own establishment for over a year, I highly recommend his professionalism and try his work and be the judge yourself.
Mr Sharif thankyou very much for always being understanding for my businesses and always guiding me right. I wish you all the best.

-Giants East Rutherford