More than 30 Years Experience in Accounting and Taxes!

My journey in accounting and taxation have started three decades and half ago in 1982. I have worked overseas in Egypt at various American Gas companies: Conoco 1982-89, Asamera 1990-94, Pioneer 1994-98, and Lucent Technologies 1998-00.

Highly experienced in accounting / taxation field so I haven’t hesitated to start a business in accounting and taxation always like to push the envelope forward and be on top of everything. In 00-03, established Aplus Computer Net Accounting Corp short lived learnt how to be responsible and how to be a Bossman, but the key that I’ve learnt from the mistakes as a first time business owner.

So, I paused a bit from 04-05 jumped into the speed wagon of the hospitality business at Ramada Inn Hotel in Allentown, PA appointed as General Manager and accounting department of the hotel. And worked for a small accounting and taxation office between New York City and Jersey City for 06-2017, but my comeback was based on a solid foundation when US Taxes and Payroll Corp came to live in 2014. This was the year breaking out this pause working for someone.

Maturing to a legit and experienced entrepreneur from just a small business working in the shadow of those big accounting and taxation firms to being the biggest in Jersey City and the state of New Jersey, our services covers the rest of the 50 states, and foreign income overseas, but funny enough they a few of them offered to partner with us. The most important thing of this hard work and sweat of a journey is learning from mistakes and never look back.


    Income Taxes / Accounting Consultant
    Operation Manager / Accounting Manager (2 Years)

Middle East

  • Lucent Technology
    Logistics – Order Manager (2 Years)
  • American Petroleum / Oil
    Accounting Manager (17 Years)